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Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Written by Norm Katz
Universally known, inspiration behind a modern TV series and many books, the worlds greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, has an entire museum devoted to him in London, England. The first floor of the museum, 17 steps above the ground level, is where Sherlock Holmes's famous study is located. This study, that has been used in so many films over the years, is faithfully maintained just as it existed in Victorian times. It still has Holmes's famous armchair where visitors are allowed to sit and be photographed. Holmes' bedroom adjoins the study with many of his personal belongings. His magnifying glass, clabash
pipe, violin, chemistry equipment, Persian slipper and disguises are in the places they always were. On the second floor are Doctor Watson's bedroom and Mrs. Hudson's room. Mrs. Hudson was the landlady of the lodging house and prepared Holmes' and Watsons' meals and did the household cleaning for them. Displayed in these rooms are the personal belongings and private papers of Holmes as well as exhibits from his cases. Also in these rooms are the diary of Doctor Watson and handwritten notes from the famous adventure story, The
221b Baker Street
Hound Of The Baskervilles. On the third floor are life-like wax models of scenes from the stories. The attic where lodgers used to store their trunks and luggage is still there to be seen today.

Real Or Unreal

Did Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson ever really live at 221b Baker Street There are no official records of the lodgers who did live at this address in Victorian times. But local records show that the house was indeed registered as a loding house between 1860-1904, the time period when Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson lived there according to the written stories of Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle. Records also show that the maids who worked in this house were related to a Mr. Holmes and that a Doctor Watson lived next door in the 1890s as an artificial teeth manufacturer. Visitors can explore the facts relating to the published stories and decide for themselves.

The Life Of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes first came to public awareness through stories published in Strand Magazine in 1891. These stories portray Sherlock Holmes practicing as a consulting detective between 1881-1904 while living at 221b Baker Street with his colleague Doctor
Sherlock Holmes Sitting Room
Watson. According to the stories Sherlock Holmes was born on January 6th, 1854. His enigmatic makeup, including his hawk-like features, his piercing eyes, the dressing-gown and cap the deerstalker cap and magnifying glass make him one of the best known characters of all time. Holmes had amazing reasoning and observing abilities but he was not without feelings. He appreciated the opera and classical music. Although reserved towards women to avoid their distraction to his work, Holmes did take an interest in a Miss Irene Adler who he always referred to as the woman. Wrapped in mystery Sherlock Holmes and Doctor
Personal Items Of Sherlock Holmes
Watson can still be imagined in their hansom cab, rattling over the cobbled streets of the nostalgic gas-lit London of the late 19th century peering through the fog in search of adventure, justice and criminals.

Location And Hours Of Operation

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is located at 221 Baker Street, London, England. It is open every day except Christmas Day 9:30 a.m - 6 p.m. Admission charges are: Adults 6 Pounds British Sterling. Children, (Under 16), 4 Pounds British Sterling.

For more information call (020) 7935 8866 in London, England.

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